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5 Success Stories To Choose An Estate Agent In Bishop’s Stortford

Most you have must have been heard that getting a right estate agent is a nightmare. And from then create an imaginary idea about them and preparing yourself for a hard battle while choosing one of them.

Well, what if I say this is a vague idea. It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? Well, I’m not telling you to believe my words. Here are some success stories. Read them and make a decision afterwards.

Estate Agents Bishop's Stortford


Customer 1: “Searching an agent in the internet is great”.

Hi, I wanted to have a small furnished apartment for two in Bishop’s Stortford area. I started asking all of my friends and familiars for a right realtor. All had their own choices. Then my son who is living abroad asked me to search them on the internet. Surprisingly, within some hours I got some agents who were ready to serve all my needs. Searching an agent in the internet is great.

Customer 2: “Social media helps the most…”

I was fighting against the big problem of selling a house. As I have to shift the place due to my job issue, I was searching for a quick selling process. Many agents made me fake promises. But ultimately I mate one who perhaps one of the best Estate Agents in Bishop’s Stortford according to me. The agent helped me posting the advertise on different social medias. Believe me, it worked as a panacea. I started getting numbers of phone calls and emails from prospective buyers in some days; it took only 12 days to sell my house. Social media helps the most in this field.

Customer 3: “…selecting multiple agents really work.”

My husband was out of town and we need to have an apartment in the area of Bisop’sStortford as soon as possible. I started gathering the addresses, contact numbers and all other vital information of the property dealers. Spend hours in form of the computer and shortlisted more than 5 or 6 dealers, probably, the best 6, I suppose. It was hard to pick one of them But I manage to do that. Selecting multiple agents really works.

Customer:4 “always confirm their legal existence.”

I remember the story of one of my office colleagues who said that how he trapped in fake estate services when I was looking for an agent to have a rental house. So, before finalising I ask showing the hard copies of their license and all legal documents. I must say that they are really trustworthy as they showed me all of their documents and found that also sent those copies through email. I suggest all of guys- always confirm their legal existence.

Customer: 5 “negotiation is the keyword of every estate agent.”

I have learnt that negotiation is the keyword of every estate agent. They are the master in oratory. They manage to convince many prospective buyers within some days and I sold my house soon.

Find these experiences helpful? Great!!! Hope Nest success story will be yours.

Good Luck.